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What To Do If Your Printer Does Not Recognize Compatible Ink Cartridges

You would never want your point of sale system to be down because you ran out of paper. The same is true with regard to not have a supply of ribbons to use when your existing ribbon gets too light to read.

In total, the charge to repair a POS Printer repair Boston should never exceed $300 as you could get a new printer for that amount. However, a repaired printer will not carry forward the full warranty like a new printer will. You will probably only have a 30 – 90 day warranty on the repairs. That means if this same printer goes down again in 91 days you are going to have to do this all over again.

We are not suggesting that you have a warehouse full of backup printers, but we are suggesting that you can almost eliminate your downtime by having a single backup printer for your business.

THROW AWAY THE ORIGINAL SHIPPING CONTAINER and packing foam in case you need to send your machine in for service or repair. Any box and old newspaper will do in case you need to send it back for repair. Also make sure the shipping screw on the Everest printer is in the box somewhere. We all know how careful shipping companies or the US mail is for delivery.

If you are going to be doing a lot of bulk printing choose a laser printer that can accommodate a lot of paper. Paper capacity also depends on paper thickness and weight. Normally, standard paper capacity is fine. Laser printers do have options such as these because lasers are used in big companies which need higher capacity.

Want to know the really funny part of this? In a great many cases you will find that the dealer you were doing business with is the printer warranty repair center. Remember how they only passed a year of the 3 year manufacturer warranty? That means that they charge their customers to repair the printer and still get the warranty paid for by the printer manufacturer.

Error 55. This is perhaps one of the more complicated printer error codes when it comes to printer repair, but Error 55 will let you know that the internal communication between the printer and computer did not fully process for some reason. The DC controller on the printer is not receiving the proper information and you should check the DC controller connections in order to fix this. Your printer may not be receiving enough power from the power supply, so changing the power supply may help with this problem.