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Things Children Can Teach Us About Business

Think about what YOU are trying to accomplish… as a writer, a blogger, a social media marketer, an Internet marketer or as a seller/crafter/reseller online either through eBay, Etsy or any of the other online sales channels available to you. Consistency is the KEY to selling and branding yourself. But consistency isn’t just about what you look like OR your voice OR your topics of choice OR your “specialty”.

If you buy several e-books and find that they are misleading or contain information that goes nowhere and doesn’t resolve your problems – give them back!

The coupon websites are excellent sources of promo codes for the VOIPo services. You can readily check out the ones that are popular with internet users. Another option is to focus your attention on the coupon and deal websites dedicated to technology products and services. It may take a while to locate good-quality sites with plenty of deals, but using generic searches and asking around should certainly do the trick.

There are many unique sites. Those that make it big all have one thing in common.”THE STICKY FACTOR.” This is the ingredient that keeps people coming back for more. ie: youtube, myspace, cheap smm services etc. The likelihood of attaining such remarkable notoriety is small indeed. But it is possible within smaller niche markets. How do you do it? Again, it involves a mixture of all the elements above and then some.

Autoresponder. Successful Internet marketing is all about building an email list. To do that you need subscribers to give you their name and email address and store those in an autoresponder. This is going to cost you around $20 a month using a quality auto responder.

Local news outlets – If your business is based in Los Angeles, you’re probably not going to make into the LA Times, but if you are in West LA, you stand a good chance of getting a link from the Argonaut. Find the local news source in your community. Is your company planning a big community service event? Invite a reporter! Did you just release an awesome new website?! Let them know how your business is growing. Get that link!

You can also do paid ads on social media sites such as YouTube or Facebook. Doing PPC advertising is a much better way to control the amount of traffic you get than it is to strictly rely on search engine optimization and hope Google doesn’t alter the rankings one day and your traffic disappears.

The above list is just a few of the possible ways to build links. Get creative! Be active in the web community and your local community, build relationships with others working in your field and the links will start to build up naturally.