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The Top Ten Reasons I Hate Wine – One, The Unconscionable Expense

This is my last 2008 ten dollar wine review. I resolve to continue these reviews in 2009. I fully intend to return to my “regular” reviews of pricier French and German wines. My wine cabinet is filled with Australian wines that beg to be consumed and reviewed. This pleasurable activity may wait for the barbecue season that now seems so out of reach.

In connection to that, you can also experiment on your own. Once you have certain characteristics in wine that you like, then you can pick out the wines that you might like. It’s no guarantee that the one you will pick is the one you want, but sometimes the surprise is worth the risk.

In the beginning, I would suggest focusing on domestic wines, primarily because many foreign wines, especially French and Italian wines, can be expensive. There are some exceptions to this, but for now just stay with domestic wines to keep it simple.

3) Estate bottled? (Not the same as single vineyard) This simply means the winery grew the grapes there, and made the wine on their premises. A completely integrated process. But remember, just because it is estate bottled doesn’t mean it’s any better than a winery that Buy bordeaux grand crus online from a grower. This shouldn’t really add that much to the price, although many wineries like to flaunt this.

I finished the tasting with two cheeses. The first cheese was a Marbled Cheddar. The wine was fruity and acidic; this was a good combo and I am no great fan of wine and cheese. Then I went to a white Havarti. The effect was similar but the wine was more powerful.

The next meal involved ground beef in ground semolina jackets and a sour sauce containing Swiss chard. This is a delicious Middle Eastern specialty known as Kube. The wine had honey and refreshing acidity, but this wasn’t a good way to do sweet and sour. The Moscato’s honey taste picked up with fresh strawberries.

So there you have it. Wine isn’t about the high mark up always. Most of the time when you buy wine, you must only concern yourself with what you plan to eat alongside it.

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