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Songwriting Therapy 101: How To Listen To Music

Have you ever visited a MySpace page where music started playing automatically? It’s a cool effect that lots of MySpace users add to their pages. If you’ve ever wanted to do the same on your own page, read on. We’re going to take a look at how to add MySpace background music to your profile.

I can’t just listen to any music though. I am a hip-hop fan but if I listen to music with lyrics I find myself getting caught up in those. Classical music is always a good choice, but sometimes I want something more modern. That is why instrumental hip-hop is my choice. The following three albums are my current work rotation and I think would be a great addition to yours.

Numerous artists exist who publicize their work without obtaining a license on it. As a result of which, someone else copies it and presents as his own creation. Without a copyright or license, you cannot prove his illegal use of the music. But once you obtain it, no one would dare to copy or use it without your permission. Even if someone does, you have the right to litigate him in a lawsuit. Your symphony being published within the music library ensures that you possess a license on it along with the copyright. The background music that are available online are many in number. But the producers select the one that is suitable for their product sequence.

So, all you simply need to do is to do a Google search and find out some of the links that offer royalty free music downloads. Purchase them and download them into your computer.

But due to a recent breakthrough, anyone can achieve their dreams of stardom. With a decent PC, and a connection to the Internet, you can learn how to make professional music that is every bit as good as the professionals. Gone are the days that it took years to learn how to make professional music. New computer software allows you to make your own accompaniments, professional sounding beats, and sneaky background music in a matter of minutes. And believe it or not, many of the established musicians and music producers are now using this exact same system.

I recently had a string quartet playing love song arrangements from the Beatles, Journey and Dave Matthews. Of course, they needed to get the sheet music for these songs, but they did so for free, as an investment for their group. There’s also modern pianists, like Steve Siu, who recently put out his versions of contemporary songs from Toni Braxton, Josh Groban and even Coldplay! There is an electric harpist named Hillary Stagg that has some great pre-ceremony music on CD or on iTunes. Another popular artist is Enya. I know, seems a little too early 90’s but she’s always putting out new stuff that works great for before the ceremony.

As I mentioned earlier, there are several sources for royalty-free music out there on the web, including Home Brew Audio where we have links to several of those sources. So start adding that professional touch to your stuff!