Locamagic.biz Blogging Sf International Music Examiner Returns With News Recap & The Hip Hop Hoodios

Sf International Music Examiner Returns With News Recap & The Hip Hop Hoodios

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If using the internet is part of your job, then high speed internet access is also a requirement. As a system consultant, I do computer training by connecting to a client’s computer remotely and showing them how to use their software. This is not quite practical with dial-up modem speed internet access. I used to perform technical support with dial-up internet. Although it was doable, it was painfully slow at times.

The news is so recent the FOX Video does not even have a headline devoted to this report. But the actual numbers and all are not what is important here. Here is the important part.

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History never repeats exactly the same way. If it did, and the current bear market rally were to follow the same path as the bear market rally of 1934 to 1937, we would have eight months left before the next phase of this bear market gets underway. It could happen earlier, it could happen later, depending what else the Fed has up its sleeve.

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