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Reindeer Christmas Card Craft

It’s vital that you keep your business running efficiently. Reports and numbers are one thing, but you need to have a feel for how things are managed in each department as well. Otherwise you might miss the little things that are taking too long or could run better. And these little things all add up.

The Bereaved – The holidays can be a difficult time for someone who has lost a loved one over the last year. Do you know of someone who is recently widowed, or maybe of a mom/dad who has lost a child? Come together as a family and decide what you can do to brighten his/her holidays. It can be somthing as simple as taking over a movie you know they’d love, along with a bucket of popcorn and spending the night with them. Try not to think of things you can just buy, more than likely your time is what they will need most. If you think they’ll be alone, be sure to include them in your holiday festivities. Isn’t there always room for one more?

Once you get your card all you have to do is to fill up at a particular site after your choice, put forward the truck cards for the main person who makes cash transactions and your duty is done. Then you would be sent an invoice once in seven days and told to pay for that particular invoice after 7 days through direct debit.

Let’s look a little closer at the numbers that could be sucked out of your fuel system. A normal truck could guzzle up to 1500 gallons a month, if you miss 1% of that, its 15 gallons on average, per truck. With diesel fuel prices and gas prices now over $4.00, their highest in several months, you could lose $60.00 a month, for every truck you own. If you have 100 trucks in your fleet, you’re losing $6,000 a month or $72,000 a year.

When you move around a lot like I did with my father being in the military, you learned to cherish the special moments you would get to be with family. Those times were few and far between for us. So every moment we were visiting we tried to make as memorable as possible.

Make a list-Follow Santa’s example. Make a list of all the people you need or want to buy gifts for, including small gifts for babysitters, teachers, newspaper deliverers, etc. These small gifts can add up and are often the cause of going over your gift budget. Include money you’ll spend on buy truck cards, postage, holiday parties, decorations, and other things.

A fuel card can work in a number of different ways. They can be restricted purely to the purchase of petrol and diesel or set up to allow the user to buy items available in the shop on the forecourt. Safeguards are built into usage. Obviously the concern is they might be used inappropriately. Fleet managers can be set up with alerts to alleviate these concerns. If large amounts of fuel are being bought, or at a strange time of day, a warning is sent to alert the office to what is happening.

In an upcoming blog, we will take a look at natural gas compared to diesel trucks. Again, when pulling out your fleet card or your fuel management budget, you will pay one way or another. You might be surprised what we have to say. For the gas truck over diesel battle in the medium duty category, diesel still wins in our book.