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Planning A Bathroom Renovation – It Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult And Costly

The most important feature in a ceramic tile shower stall is the shower pan. The shower pan channels water to the drain and prevents the shower from leaking. Consequently it is critical that the shower pan be installed correctly and that it is waterproof and durable.

Finding a tiler is really easy. Ask around. Your friends or family must have used professional help that Byron Bay Tilers lend sometime in their lives. Otherwise you can always check up local yellow pages or newsletter for tiling services advertisements. Always approach more than one tiler. Find out what price they are quoting and what services they provide. Compare and then make the final decision.

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Have you considered underfloor heating prior to starting your DIY Tiling job? You definitely will not want to complete the job and then wish you had installed underfloor heating.

Diamond cores that are larger than 13mm will require an adapter with pilot pin that locates into the pilot hole that has been cut previously, to ensure the perfect hole will be made.

Rub the sponge along the separation / decantation grid in order to remove excess grout and the grout will fall and settle at the bottom below the separation / decantation grid. This will leave clean water above the grid to clean your sponge in.

Armeg Tile Drilling Accessories for use with Armeg PTC drill bits include: water feed pump kit, water feed adapters, water feed clamp & drive/piloting guides to ensure non-slip start-up with small diameter diamond cores. Armeg SDS Plus tile removing chisel also available in this range.