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How Hot Are You,. Online That Is?

You have been given a pink slip by your company and you think that you did not deserve it. Yet, you’ve been handed the slip and there is nothing you can do about that. However it is the time to examine the reasons of you being laid off. Can it be something in your behaviour or was it plain easy office politics at its play.

Though there are a variety of reasons people get fired or laid off however these are some of the prominent ones that require a particular mention. And in the event you don’t want to get fired avoid these like a plague.

This is how companies who are interested in you will receive their first impression. Can it be a favorable one? With the plethora of free email services out there, you can get one for family and friends and one for business. Just be certain that whichever one you select for business will allow you to get your name and if you need to use numbers, do not use your birthday, anniversary, year graduated, or phone number (cause when you change phones, sometimes there’s a porting fee to keep your number, the number should make sense, like an area or zip code). Don’t us this email for termination personal reasons matters and it shouldn’t become inundated with spam. If it does, you know that company doesn’t respect you as a customer and you should feel free to use another company.

Some people never find this critical balance. Needless to say, you do build professional relationships with your co-workers, though it’s ideal to keep most employees at”arm’s length” so you’ll never have to compromise your role in handling HR. For the most part, keep your private life separate from your work life. It’ll pay off for you in the long run.

Before you end up in this position, make sure you get a copy of the company policies, and you read them. Understand how they apply to the job. Understand how they’re enforced. Most important.

Don’t use the Internet for shopping or sending avskedad emails. Never use the computer for anything illegal or immoral. Again, most employers have specific rules governing computer use AND have the right to monitor your computer at any time.

Some people are loners and like to work independently. Nevertheless you can be civil with your colleagues. However, if you have a problem of not getting along with anybody in the office then odds are that you might be shown the door. Employers nowadays try to find a team player so in case you don’t end up being one your job can be at risk.

Lastly, personality clashes if you are lucky you get along with everyone, but sometimes that’s just not possible. You also may realize that some workers are fired and just never know the real reason why they were fired.