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Are 10K Weeks Really Possible In The Home Based Business Industry?

Success is more a matter of desire and commitment than anything else. Most of the time, those who make it to the top are not the most talented, they are not the ones with the most resources, they are not the ones who would have been voted most likely to succeed but they are invariably the ones who wanted it the most and were willing to pay the price.

Just take a good look at the negativity that was drilled into my head and unfortunately most people allow themselves to be held back by their limiting beliefs, beliefs that are drilled into us by other people, family, friends, co-workers, employers and the list goes on and on. Nevertheless we have to filter the garbage out then allow positive, empowering, motivational and inspirational thoughts in and then hold on to them like your life depends on it. You see, I have changed my thinking and let me tell you that my world has changed.

Well, you need access to the influence of like minded people that are successful millionaires and 10 Youngest Billionaires In The World and follow in their footsteps to do what they did and are doing in order for you to also become a millionaire or billionaire.

Ask yourself “Why do I want this amount of money, or that car, or this home, etc.?” until you get to the root reason. Don’t let yourself off the hook until you discover what happened to make you want your desire.

This Youngest Billionaires group of people takes pride and love investing. They are aware that expenses reduce their investing power and so cut this to the bear minimum. Their high level of discipline causes them to live within their means.

Just imagine the lifestyle of celebrities like Paris Hilton and all the attention she gets. Every new thing she wears became the stuff of fashion news. If news of Mr. Warren Buffets latest acquisition ever comes to light, the world will make a headlong rush towards that same investment. Yes, it seems people regard them as some kind of demigod. They should be adored, emulated and given due respect.

These are the top 5 common traits of self-made top 10 richest people. If you took inventory of yourself, how many of these traits fit you? If you posses all five you at least have a few pieces of the inner wealth puzzle within you.