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How To Write Short Ebooks And Sell Them Profitably

If you are doing extensive research in writing your first mystery novel then I would presume that you are having a hard time organizing your thoughts and your story. Novel writing software is now available online to aid you in writing your story. It can also help organize your ideas and other important aspects of your story.

Is an ending the right one? Only the author can decide that even if a reader might have preferred a different one or think they know a better one. The writer, in fact, should consider a variety of endings to come up with the best and most suitable one. Often we see different endings when a book is made into a movie. Sometimes they’re better and sometimes not. The thing is though, the screenwriter did see an ending that was different than the book.

The Firm, John Grisham’s runaway bestseller, was a highly successful movie starring Tom Cruise and earning 270 million worldwide, a substantial figure for 1993. In the movie Mitch, the protagonist, solves his crisis in a different manner than in the book. Although I loved the book, I personally liked the movie ending much better. It was more pleasing and certainly more believable. No offense, Mr. Grisham.

Whatever ending you decide on, decide something. Do not be inconclusive. Readers do not like an unresolved, open-ended novel. They don’t want to figure it out for themselves. Readers come to be entertained, to be told a story and that includes a beginning, a middle and an ending. If you went to a play, thoroughly enjoying Act I and Act II, but when the curtain rose on Act III instead of the players there was a big sign on stage that said, “Guess!” how would you react? That play might have been Neil Simon at his best for two acts, but you would have gone away saying bad things about him and his abilities as a writer. Do your readers a favor, write a complete remarried empress chapter 1 for them. Don’t leave the ending vague.

How many times have you thought the same yourself after struggling with that book that was number one on the list? Often the book has been lauded by the critics but turns out to be unreadable by the everyday reader. Is the reader at fault here? No, definitely not.

First, recognize that (a) you have a better chance of selling or continuing to sell if you stick to safer, “tried-and-true” genres; and (b) these books must be especially strong. Then keep the following points in mind about the story itself.

Writing a novel might take blood, sweat and tears, but the sense of satisfaction will overcome all these conflicts. It is that total unknown person that comes up to you and recognizes your name and says your book made a difference in their lives. And there is just nothing that compares to this feeling. Even today’s most popular novelists were rejected multiple times before signing their first deal. Keep trying!