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Diamond Engagement Ring – A Reflection Of Love

We have all heard of the saying diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Boasting a striking glimmer that magnifies beauty and chic elegance, a diamond is best associated with luxury and glamour around the world. When people buy diamond rings, it is most likely due to an engagement proposal, a lovely gift for a lovely wife or quite simply, a reward for themselves for a job well done. Although the stunning gleam of diamonds mostly appeals to women, it has also become a common sight in some men.

You can also buy your diamond engagement ring online. Online shopping is safe and secure. And by browsing online jewelry stores you can easily find a perfect ring for your lady. Always remember that online shopping is best for those couples also who have limited budget or want to save money on their ring. The prices of online stores are very reasonable compare to physical stores. And the main reason of offering the rings at low prices is that they do not have to pay high overheads or operational cost. Hence if you are looking for a perfect 訂婚戒指 engagement ring for your lady without spending much of your fortune then you must visit one of the most reputed online jewelry stores.

Whether you are buying a diamond ring for engagement or wedding or just as a surprise gift, keeping a few important things in mind can help in picking the perfect piece for the man of your life.

The clarity grade has the second most profound impact on prices, next to carats. Diamonds with flawless clarity grades are extremely rare and, therefore, extremely expensive. Depending on the shape of the diamond and the size of its facets, potential flaws within the diamond may be more or less likely to be exposed to the naked eye. With the round brilliant or other diamond shapes with small facets, buyers can find great value in the clarity grade range of SI1 or SI2, as the small facets will minimize the visual impact of any flaws that may be present.

The 14 Karat Rose Gold 1.33 ct Black & White online diamond Heart Detail Ring will dazzle any man or woman who receives it as a gift in celebration of a special anniversary. This handsome ring is rich with diamonds and features lovely heart cutouts on each side. The 14 karat rose gold shines, while the domed center of the ring features sixty-nine round cut white diamonds in prong settings. Black diamonds – seventy-six of them in all – surround the white ones in an elegant flanking pattern. This handsome ring contains a total diamond weight of 1.50 carats. It’s a ring that any special recipient will be proud to wear.

Regarding the recommended color range of the Marquise diamond, one has a bit more flexibility with the Marquise. As always, it is difficult to give an objective guide to the preferred color level of a diamond, as it is a very subjective rating. Some people like the colorless or near colorless look more, and others prefer the “warmer” look of a tiny tinge of color in the stone. The generally accepted preferred range though for Marquise is that the best colors are up to the G-H range, with many actually preferring the side of the warmer G and H colors levels more so than the cooler and more “icey” level of more colorless levels.

In order to give a big surprise to your beloved lady, you should know clear about her favorite style and the size of her ring finger. With the right diamond engagement ring, she will love you forever.